10 Mind Blowing Facts About Asia’s Richest Man Mukesh Ambani Which Will Make You Yell ‘Oh My Ambani’

Mukesh Ambani mana country lo the richest person, petroleum nundi prepaid sims varaku athaniki leni business ledu. Athadi sampadana sec ki some crores lo untundi…Dhirubhai Ambani taruvatha Reliance Industries rendu ga panchukunnaru Mukesh & Anil. Iddariki equal ratio companies share chesukunnaru. Kani separate aiyyaka companies ni run cheyaleka Anil Ambani kudhelu aithe…Mukesh Emo petroleum nundi vacchina profits ni migatha industries lo petti grocery nundi gas varaku oka business chani ni build chesukuni business tycoon ga edigadu.

India lo ika time lo top 10 lo kuda leni Mukesh Ambani ippudu India lone richest person ga edigadu. Only India varake kaadhu Ambani Asia lone richest person ippudu. Ila Amabani gurinchi konni interesting things mari konni….!

1. Do You Know His net worth ?

1 Mukesh AmbaniMukesh Ambani’s net worth according to the Forbes India Billionaires List 2020. Ambani’s net worth stood at $53.2 billion in Indian currency; it is Rs 4.04 lakh crores.

2. India’s richest, Asia’s Richest & World 16th Billionaire !

2 Mukesh AmbaniWith $53.2 Billion net worth Mukesh is now India’s richest person and next to him is Radhakrishna Damani the founder and chairman of D’Mart Retail with $13.2 Billion. Not only India’ first but also richest in Asia and he stood at number 16 in World Billionaires list.

3. Do You Know ? Mukesh Ambani could become the 6th trillionaire in the world by 2033 !

3 Mukesh AmbaniYes, you heard it right if he managed to keep the same profits and maintain his all companies well, he’ll become the 6th trillionaire in the world by 2033. Which means he will be in the list World Top 10 Richest Persons.

4. MBA Dropped out from Stanford University – but why ?

4 Mukesh AmbaniMukesh completed Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT). He went to Stanford University to pursue MBA but he had to drop out to help his father to build Reliance.

5. Mukesh Ambani tied a knot to Nita after a cinematic thing happened in which Dhirubhai Ambani was involved.

5 NitaDhirubhai Ambani attended a dance ceremony, where he saw Nita Ambani and thought she could be a perfect partner for Mukesh. Later he talked to her and her parents how the wedding happened in a cinematic approach.

6. Mukesh Ambani owns the largest refinery in the World

6 RefineryThe Jamnagar Refinery in Gujarat is a crude oil refinery owned by Mukesh Ambani. The refinery was commissioned on 14 July 1999 with an installed capacity of 668,000 barrels per day (106,200 m3/d). It is currently the largest refinery in the world.

7. He owns costliest & luxurious 60 storey building in Mumbai

7 Mukesh AmbaniThe Antilia is a Ambani’s luxury skyscraper residence with 60-storey building has high-end facilities like 3 helipads, theatres, terrace garden, parking for as many as 168 cars, and staff of 600 people it took between $1 billion (Rs. 6,000 crore) and $2 billion (Rs.12,000 crore).

8. He owns the same car as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s !

8 Mukesh AmbaniDid you know Mukesh Ambani owns the same car which is being used by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi? The BMW 760LI is bulletproof which can even bear a deadly bomb blast.

9. He Spends around 40-50 Lakhs per month only for his Z Category security !

9 Z SecutiryAmbani is also India’s only businessman to get the Z level security that costs him around Rs. 15 to 16 lakh per month.

10. Ambani gets approximately $31,202 which is 23,57,560.72 Indian Rupee richer every minute !

10 MukeshFor every minute Ambani earns 31,202 USD, in our Indian currency it is whooping 23,57,560.72 rupees. – ‘Oh My Ambani’.

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