10 Most Deeply Romantic Lines To Poetically Express Your Love


Once you get romantic, it gives rise to a poet in you, it makes you more passionate in every small thing you do. Be it making love or expressing your love, the words that flow give you a feel that you are the most romantic person on this planet. What we did here is we took those romantic lines from some of the latest songs that actually carry great meaning.

Here are some of those meaningful lyrics which you could possibly use them in your stories somewhere.

Raghuvaran B-Tech copyBangaru Kodipetta copyOohalu Gusa Gusa Laade copyManoharudu copyMalli Malli Idi Rani Roju copyAndala Rakshashi copyOk Bangaram copyAvakai Biryani copyNuvvostanante copy

Kadali copy

Watch our Mahatalli originals here.