10 Most Liked Telugu Lyrical Songs In 24 Hours On YouTube

Youtube lo records aina box office records aina morning lechesariki kottha song, teaser, trailers and movies release kagane numbers anni maripotha untayi. Kani still number game anedi oka respective commercial and content success ni decide chestundi. Andhuke ee madhya lyrical songs nundi teases, trailers ki occhina number game ni production houses valle share chestunnaru.

Ika ville itla unte mana fans urike maa hero song intha occhindi okadu ante inkokkadu occhi…maa hero trailer tho Youtube records anni smash antadu. Sare idi flow lo reent ga occhina Bheemla Nayak Lyrical song ki kuda likes and number game nadichindi after it became most liked Telugu Lyrical Video In 24 Hours.

Mari top 10 lo unna Most Liked Telugu Lyrical Songs In 24 Hours ento once chuseddama….

1. Bheemla Nayak Title Song – 805K Likes In 24 Hours

2. Daakko Daakko Meka (Telugu) – 657K Likes In 24 Hours

3. Dosti Music Video (Telugu) – RRR : 520K Likes In 24 Hours

4. MaguvaMaguva – 455K Likes In 24 Hours

5. Satyameva Jayate – 341K Likes In 24 Hours

6. Laahe Laahe – 334K Likes In 24 Hours

7. Ramuloo Ramulaa – 315K Likes In 24 Hours

8. Samajavaragamana – 312K Likes In 24 Hours

9. Saranga Dariya – 302K Likes In 24 Hours

10. KantiPapa​ – 274K Likes In 24 Hours

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