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Tamarind Ginger Margarita to Mumbai Mule: Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails in India


Top 10 Most Popular Cocktails in India

Drinks are certainly a refreshing thing to cool down your body, and when it comes to cocktails, several popular cocktails in India have made their mark and become everyone’s favorite and made them popular eventually. Today, in this article, we have listed down some of the most popular cocktails in India.

1. Tamarind Ginger Margarita

This cocktail is the most popular in India, and once you sip it, you crave this again and again. Tamarind cocktail is an exotic tropical drink with a distinct sweet and acidic flavor. This popular cocktail tamarind concentrate and ginger simple syrup is mixed with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice. You need to try this delicious Tamarind Ginger Margarita if you are willing to try something new.

2. Indian Vodka Mojito

This cocktail is an unforgettable twist, Indian Vodka Mojito is a classic cocktail that you want to relish as it is a traditional drink that is made of white rum, lime juice, sugar, club soda, and mint. To give this cocktail a unique taste, Jal Jeera is added to the mix. It is blended with roasted cumin, black pepper, dried mango powder, cayenne pepper, ginger, and mint, and the most satiated cocktail is all set to give it a shot.

3. Boozy Mango Lassi

Everyone loves mango lassi, but an added twist to it, is the next delicious thing you will ever taste. The concoction of yogurt, buttermilk, kaffir lime syrup, lime juice, and of course mangoes added to this is the most unique and flavorful thing you will ever taste. Have you tried Boozy Mango Lassi? If not, then it is time to booze on this delectable boozy mango lassi.

4. Jaljeera Mojito

Jaljeera is one of the key ingredients in Indian cocktails. It certainly is one of the best twists added to a cocktail. This is one of the best authentic drinks one could ever ask for. Though the flavors of Jaljeers might be super intense, they are surely delightful.

5. Mango Mojito

Mangoes are one of the best fruits one could ever taste and making a cocktail mojito with this fruit is worth trying. This light and refreshing Cuban-style cocktail is mixed with club soda, lemon juice, mint leaves, sugar, white rum, and the most important ingredient the ice cubes. This subtly spicy tasty cocktail is all you could ask for on a perfect evening.

6. Indian Gin Cocktail

Are you a fan of Gin? If yes, then you need to give it a try to this Indian Gin Cocktail with an added twist. It is one of the most popular Indian cocktails. This popular Indian Gin Cocktail is blended with lime juice, cinnamon syrup, nutmeg, apple juice, and the Jaisalmer – a brand of Indian Gin. This cocktail is flavored with 11 botanical leaves such as Darjeeling green tea leaves, lemon peel, and lemongrass, this flavourful Indian cocktail is certainly a must-try.

7. Indian Hot Toddy

If you are a fan of Toddy, then you need to try this Hot Toddy but modern twist. Indian Hot Toddy is yet another popular Indian cocktail. A hot toddy is a spicy beverage made with bourbon, ginger, brown sugar, lemon, and Indian spices. Sounds so Pungency, doesn’t it? Well, then you need to try this spicy Indian Hot toddy that hits you with all the flavors mixed in.

8. Jal Jeera Gin and Tonic

This is also one of the most popular Indian cocktails that are consumed and loved by a ton of people because of its flavorful kicks, This cocktail is mixed with gin, lime juice, chaat masala, cumin-infused honey, and basil among other ingredients. This cocktail is wickedly delicious and is worth trying.

9. Mumbai Mule

With a blend of Vodka, spice syrup, ginger, lemon juice, and sparkling water, to form a delicious Mumbai Mule, the mixed taste such as sweet, tart, soothing, and warming complex flavors will satiate your taste buds.

10. Nimbu Pani Mint Julep

The Nimbu Pani itself has one hell of a taste, and especially during summer nimbu pani, some added Jal jeera is one of the flavorful things. Nimbu Pani is a crossover between a Margarita and Mint Julep and a drink during Summer is worth giving a try. Nimbu Pani Mint Julep is blended with bourbon, mint leaves, a simple sugar, and Seltzer water for an awesome taste. Besides Sugar and Water, this cocktail also contains Indian Salt which adds extra spice and pungency to the drink.

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