10 Movies Of Tovino Thomas That Are A Must Watch & Where To Watch Them

Netflix lo Tovino Thomas act chesina Thallumaala chusa, em teesinaru ayya cinema. Konchem venakki velithe appudu Tovino Thomas de Kala ane film vachindi, aa film chusinappudu kuda same feel. Ee Tovino Thomas mamulu odu kaadu, non-stop ga movies teestune untadu and different genres lo act chestadu and hero ga chestaru, character artist ga chestaru, he is all in one. Naku telsi twaralone edoka Telugu movie lo manchi villian role okati padathadi Tovino Thomas ki.

Tovino mama thaggaku ilane adaragotte movies aagakunda teesthu mamlanni life long entertain chesthene undu, mari konni Tovino Thomas kick-ass movies ikkada list chestunnam and ee movies ekkada stream avutunnayo kuda istunnam, so follow aipondi..

1. Kala

Streaming: Aha, Prime Video

The death of a beloved dog hurls two men into a violent and bloody conflict on a sprawling estate in Kerala.

2. Minnal Murali

Streaming: Netflix

Jaison, a young tailor, gains superpowers after being struck by lightning. However, he must thwart the evil intentions of an unexpected adversary to become the superhero that his rural village needs.

3. Thallumaala

Streaming: Netflix

Wazim becomes an infamous internet celebrity when a fight breaks out at his own wedding with popular vlogger Beepaathu. Wasim must now deal with the wrath of Sub Inspector Regi Mathew, as he tries to win Beepaathu`s heart.

4. Forensic

Streaming: Netflix

A pair of officers with history deals with clues from the past, false leads, and a ticking clock in order to capture an elusive serial killer who is targeting young girls.

5. Uyare

Streaming: Prime Video

Pallavi aspires to be a pilot but her career is jeopardized when she falls prey to an acid attack by Govind, her obsessive former boyfriend.

6. And the Oscar goes to

Streaming: Aha, Zee5

Passionate filmmaker Issak Ebrahem makes a movie that is later selected as India’s entry to the Oscars. Further, he makes an unpleasant discovery when he tries to promote his movie.

7. Mayaanadhi

Streaming: Aha

Maathen, who works for a gang, is on the run after accidentally killing a police officer. However, his decision to meet his beloved Aparna before moving out of the country puts his life in danger.

8. Virus

Streaming: Prime Video

The state of Kerala faces a tremendous outbreak of the life-threatening Nipah virus. However, a group of courageous individuals risks their lives in an attempt to curb the epidemic.

9. Kilometers and Kilometers

Streaming: Netflix

A poor tour guide from Kerala takes an American client on a journey through India. During their travels, the changing landscapes and experiences help them reshape their understanding of each other.

10. Oru Kuprasidha Payyan

Streaming: Prime Video

Ajayan, an introverted young man, feels helpless when he is accused of murdering an old woman until Hannah, a novice yet astute lawyer, comes to his rescue.

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