10 new features of android 8.1 that will make you upgrade immediately


Inka Android Oreo 8.0 update official ga anni android mobiles ki raaledu, but Google mathram version 8.1 tho oka developers preview ni release chesaru. Public version mathram December lo release avthundi. But new version lo konni features mathram literally amazing andi, mari avento chudali kada. So take a look.android 8.11.New theme engine.android 8.1Dark and light theme patha android versions lo kuda undi, but 8.1 mathram kotha smart theme tho vachindi. Mana theme mana wallpaper ni batti automatic ga light or dark ki change avthundi.

2.Battery level of Bluetooth devices.android 8.1Mobile battery entha undo manaki obvious ga thelusthundi. Manam evanna Bluetooth devices uce chesthe vaati battery level entha untundo manaku theliyadu avi aypoyentha varu. But 8.1 tho ee connected devices battery level entha undo kuda thelusukovachu anta.

3.New power menuandroid 8.1Idi mathram konchem mini controller from Ios 11 laga untundi. Power button ni long presss chesthe screen corner lo oka power menu vasthundi. Deeni colour manam select cheskunna theme ni batti untundi

4.Settings menuandroid 8.1Already version 8 lo ne settings menu lo chala changes icharu. But 8.1 lo ee searching option inka strong ga icharu, this enables to search things inside settings.

5.New Easter eggandroid 8.1Android surprise game ee sari Easter egg tho vachindi. We now have an oreo cookie as an Easter egg, game lo inka munduki velthe user can play with the Octopus.

6.Notification alertandroid 8.1Edaina oka app oka second ki more than one notification ichindi anukondi, first daaniki mathram sound vasthundi, and remaining anni silent aypothay. Ante, ippudu manaki evaranna oka second lo more than one msg pampincharu anukondi only first msg ki mathrame sound vasthundi.

7.Google sans fontandroid 8.1Google e sari kotha font ni introduce chesindi, idi default font. It’s actually pretty neat and clean, but evarikaina difference anipisthe mathram chala uneasy ga anipisthundi

8.Apps running in the backgroundandroid 8.18.0 lo background lo run ayye apps ni notify chese kotha feature ni ee version lo introduce chesaru. Idi actually manchi feature ee kani, it’s a non-removable notification anduke konchem irritating a anipisthundi. But 8.1 lo ide feature ni ‘apps using energy’ tho replace chesaru, and the best part is user can get rid of it.

9.Google assistant widgetandroid 8.1Mostly ee kotha features anni user experience ni user interface ki daggariki theskoni ravadanike introduce chesaru. Screen bottom lo quick access kosam Google assistant ni kuda add chesaru.

These are the specialties in the new version of Android; please let us know which you think is the best in the comments section.