10 Normal Things We Did & Shared That Wouldn’t Be So Normal After 2020

Contributed By: Vishwajitha kolukaluri

Quarantine, Lockdown antu 2020 has not only introduced to new terms but also living and adapting to new lifestyle with changes and this has left us with a strong impact that even when we get back to our routine, these are the things we will definitely rethink about for various kinds of people.

1.To all the busy bees: Riding a metro train packed with people

Let’s be honest, asal okka inch kuda space lekunda, literally standing with in a millimeter distance with other person we all have taken a metro ride or bus ride at least once and after 2020 people would think twice before taking such step.

1 Normal Things2.To all the people started adulting: Borrowing the common pen in a bank.

Bank lo enti, ekkada aina sare common ga and free availability unna things like borrowing helmets for test drive for license and even snack samples in supermarket, avasaram unna lekapoina vaadevallam and now it wouldn’t be possible anymore.

2 Normal Things3.To all the window shoppers: Trying on clothes and shoes in a mall that so many others would have tried on.

We all used to do window shopping and just randomly try on things even if we do not need them whenever we visit a mall or a store, but the new normal made it too weird to do so.

3 Normal Things4.To all the fitness freaks and outgoers: Being in a room full of people like in cinema halls, conference meetings, gyms etc.,

Share auto lo space lekapoina ekku anna ante tie ipothundi ani ekki adjust ipodam, okallu vaadesina kettlebells, dumbells vaadadam were so common but imagine doing that now.

4 Normal Things5.To all the working adults: Using biometric system in office, touching the lift buttons, and imagine touching the handrails and doorknobs

Even if everything goes back to normal, we can’t help but wonder how many others would have used them and asal safe ae naa ani, so there would be new precautions set in place.

5 Normal Things6.To all the girls: Trying on testers from lipshades to foundation an many more

The struggle is real for all the girls who can’t match their foundation shade and finding that one nude lipstick which will not wash them out. So, now is the time to play safe with classic looks.

6 Normal Things7.To all the college or school-goers: Sharing that new spectacles, earphones and books with friends

Asal class lo evaraina kotthaga m aina teeskosthe chalu adhi andari chethulu maaralsindhe and spects aithe sight unna lekapoina andaru pettukuni ela undi mama ani photo digi icchevallu, guess the “sharing is caring” had come to an end.

7 Normal Things8.To all the budget padmanabham’s: Eating all the free samples in a sweet shop before buying it

We all had that one friend who used to taste all the free samples and buy what they regularly used to buy, sweet shop lo, chat bandar lo fruit exhibit lo edo okasari manam kuda ala taste chesi untam which would not be possible anymore.

8 Normal Things9.To all the boys: Sharing that one cigarette and lunch with so many people

Okka puff mama ani annappudu no cheppaleka alaage okka spoon mama antu oka box lo kanisam okkokkadu okko spoon petti thine rojulu I guess would be not so normal anymore.

9 Normal Things10.To all the free-spirited people: Going to Concerts and Staycations and Amusement Parks

Weekend anagane Party people emo pubs ki, Couples emo resort aina kids unna vallu aithe edo amusement park ko hotel ko inka spiritual people aithe meditation centres ki velle vallu, which now would be a long way to go.

10 Normal Things

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