10 Silly & Nostalgic Things We All Did When Computer & Internet Were New To Us


Internet, Mobile, Smartphone, 4G, Mbps, Netflix, PUBG all these things changed everything now. But before ee internet and smart prapancham kanna mundu manamantha childhood lo Computer and Internet kothaga vachina time lo manam emchese vallamo gurthu vachhi navvukunna nenu.

Okasari aa nostalgic things ni rewind chesukundam padandi, hope you guys will definately take back to those days for sure.


1. Solitaire – Playing cards

Computer and Internet

Very first thing we all did is playing cards game in our tummy monitor. Abbo appatlo adi aa game aduthunte Las Vegas lo casino adinantha bloody satisfaction undedi.

2. Word Art

Computer and Internet

99.99% of all us will raise our hands for this crazy thing. Mana name type chesi aa font ki apt ayye styles tho wordart lo unna anni styles try chesevallamu yes or no ?

3. MS Paint

Computer and Internet

Ika aa MS paint lo vese painitings ki different types tolls anni use chesi manalo unna Picasso ni nidralepe valamu. Ea mata ki aa mata okko okko kala kandam auction lo pedithe record bids vachevi emo?

4. Floppy Disks

Computer and Internet

Only data back up in those days data size kanna floppies eh ekkuva undevi. Ippudu chinna chip lo Gigabytes store chesukunte appudu pedda floppy disks lo MB’s lo matrame memory store chesukune vallamu.

5. VCD’s

Computer and Internet

VCD”s lo vache movies anni chinna monitors lo chudadam anedi Imax big screen lo chusinantha anadanni icchedi.


1. Yahoo Chat Rooms

Computer and Internet

How many of you remember this, ippatlo la Whatsapp, Messenger, undevi kadu only way to chat and communicate with people Yahoo chat rooms.

2. Copying movies & songs to CD’s

Computer and Internet

Ippudu ante ala audio release avagane movie songs download chesi vintunam. Kani appatlo set of movies lo unde songs anni CD’s lo copy chesukuni DVD players and system lo vesukuni mari vinevallamu.

3. Gaming

Computer and Internet

Internet lo Counterstrike, Delta 4, Need for Speed, Diablo, World of Warcraft, lanti games kosame Internet lo time spend chesevallamu.

4. Desi Stuff (Bumchik Videos)

Computer and Internet

Only desi videos chudadanike internet cafe ki velle varu appatlo. 10 rupees isthe kavalsinodiki kavalsinantha bumchik entertainment anamata.

5. Study Material & Assignments

Computer and Internet

Kondaru chaduvu biddalu unde varu Internet cafe ki only study material like charts, essay writing information kosame velle varu. Teacher edaina assignment isthe Internet is the only option for all and resource to save us.