10 phobias we did not know ever existed!


Phobias are names of somethings that create extreme fear. There names for so many phobias that we never knew we had or that we never knew even existed.

Here are some phobias that you should read.

1. Trypophobia – Fear of holes1-TrypophobiaSome people consider small holes as danger and are very scared of them.

2. Somniphobia – Fear of falling asleep2.--Somniphobia

3. Nomophobia – Fear of being without mobile phone coverage3.-NomophobiaThis is definitely inside all of us. We all have that fear of losing signs, mobile battery or
Not finding out phone for a little while.

4. Globophobia – Fear of balloons popping4.-GlobophobiaThere are some people who get scared when the balloon is popped. The sound of the process scares most of them.

5. Ergophobia – Fear of work5.-ErgophobiaPeople with this phobia have an irrational fear of the work environment or fear finding employment.

6. Pentheraphobia – Fear of mother-in-laws6.-PentheraphobiaThis is something funny and relatable to some Indian kodalus.

7. Ablutophobia – Fear of bathing7.-AblutophobiaThis is one fantastic excuse for not bathing. People with this phobia fear bathing and washing in general.

8. Phobophobia – Fear of having a phobia8.-PhobophobiaThis is an extreme thing. Asalu bhayam unda lead ana thot ki bhayam eyyadam.

9. Venustraphobia – Fear of Beautiful Women9-VenustraphobiaThis is usually caused due to putting a lot of constraints on good looks and hence having low confidence on self.

10. Gamophobia – fear of getting married.10.-Gamophobia