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10 Popular singers who rose to fame from Paadutha Teeyaga

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Paadutha Teeyaga is the First Music Based Reality Show in South India. The show is hosted by the one of the most popular Indian playback singers, PadmaBhushan Dr. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam. The main objective of this programme is to bring out emerging singing talent into limelight. Its first episode was launched on TV in the year 1996 and has over 400 episodes. It gave a huge platform to many singers and made them famous. They still have their place in the film industry strong and tight. Here are a few singers and a famous song from their list which got great recognition through this show.

1. Usha – Ranu Ranu (Jayam)
2. Mallikarjuna – Saahasam (Okkadu)
3. Hema Chandra – Chudandi Saaru (Raghuvaran B.Tech)
4. Gopika Poornima – Bommani Geesthe (Bommarillu)

5. Sravana Bhargavi – Super Machi (S/O Satyamurthy)
6. Karunya – Ola Olaala (Orange)
7. Geetha Madhuri – Pakka Local (Janatha Garage)
8. Smitha – Yela Yela (Aata)
9. Malavika – Bommali (Billa)
10. Kousalya – Bangaaru Konda (Simha)

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