10 Reasons Prove That Why Butter Is Also A Healthy Food


Parathas, Rotis, Butter Chicken, Paneer butter masala, butter idli eela yenno butter dishes mana Indian cuisine lo top position lo unnai. Butter leda clarified butter Indian delicacies lo oka major role play chesthundi. Chala varaku ee dishes major ha Manam health issues valla avoid chestham. But the truth is butter when eaten in a moderate way is very healthy for the human body.

Yepudu butter tinna lavu avutham , calories intake yekuva inka health issues osthai ani total ga avoid chestham, eela avoid chesthey butter lo poshakalu mana body ki andhavu. Moderate ga daily minimum 2-3 teaspoon of butter tintey health inka body fitness ki chala manchidi. We have 10 reasons why butter is healthy for the human body.

Improves intestinal condition:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

butter lo unna glycosphingolipids fatty acids intestines ni damage avakunda inka body ni gastrointestinal issues nunchi protect chesthundi.

Increases Eyesight:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

Butter li beta-carotene untundi, ee beta-carotene eyes ni protect chesi cellular growth ni control chesthundi.

Prevents Arthritis:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

Wulzen factor oka hormone-like substance butter lo untundi, ee substance arthritis ki factor ayye joint calcification ni protect chesi arthritis ni prevent chesthundi.

Strengthens bone health:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

zinc, copper, inka manganese lanti essential minerals butter lo undadam valla bone health ni maintain chesi, bone repair inka re-growth ni stimulate chesthundi.

Enriches skin:

5-Enriches skin

The rich source of vitamin E inka selenium potent undadam valla butter skin ki chala manchidi. Butter facial skin ni smoothen chesi skin elasticity ni penchuthundi.

Helps in weight loss:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

Butter lo unna lecithin aney substance metabolism , fats inka cholesterol constitutes assimilation ki help chesthundi. So butter ni manam yepudu consume chesina body fats ni break chesi weight loss ki help chesthundi.

Maintain thyroid health:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

thyroid gland body lo hormones ni regulate chesthundi. Butter lo unna rich vitamin A content hypothyroidism inka ethara thyroid related diseases rakunda kapaduthundi.

Improves sexual life:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

dintlo unna fat soluble compounds sexual life ni improve chesthundi.

Anticancer properties:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

vitamin A inka beta-carotene poshakalu unna butter anti cancer property laga body ni cancer nunchi kapaduthundi.

Healthy Cardiovascular System:

Why Butter is a Healthy Food

butter lo good cholesterol properties yekuvaga undadam valla body lo unna bad cholesterol ni reduce cheyadaniki help chesthundi. Omega 3 fatty acids bad cholesterol ni reduce chesi heart attacks inka stroke lanti problems nunchi protect chesthundi.

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