10 Recent Outfits Of Prabhas That Will Make You Go ‘Style & Dressing Lo Darling Ni Kottevallu Leru’

Prabhas Radhe Shyam Movie is all set for grand worldwide release in theaters on March 11. Chala gap taruvatha ostunna ee movie kosam darling fans and movie lovers eager ga wait chestunnaru. Idi ila unte Radhe Shyam Team movie promote chese pani lo chala busy ga unnaru. Prabhas & Pooja Hegde chala active ga movie promotions, press meet and interviews tho chala busy ga unnaru.

Aithe ee promotions lo mana Prabhas kosam special ga design chesina some cool & stylish outfits lo mana Darling chala handsome ga and stylish ga kanapadtunnaru. Prabhas promotions lo vesukunna ee outfits chusi fans Style and Fashion lo ninni kottevallu eh leru anna antunnaru…mari aa costumes meeru chuseyandi.


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