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10 struggles you face if you are an over thinker


Over thinking is an art and also something that will ruin things. Here are a few things only such people will understand.

1. In the process of deciding what movie you want to go, you end up going nowhere.
2. Edaina situation lo we think so much and then oka sorry cheppthe, we definitely mean it.
3. Aakali unapudu, you keep thinking thinking and thinking and then end up eating nothing.
4. Sleeping becomes difficult. We just think and think all night!
5. Evaranna manaki whatsapp lo reply cheyyakapothe or fb lo friend request accept cheyyaledu ante, entha ekva thinking chesthamoo. Real ga emi ayyintado telidu, but we keep thinking and thinking.
6. One decision to make is like so much time that we like not deciding things for ourselves.
7. We are more prone to have problems in our heads than others because we think too much unnecessary stuff.
8. Mana gurinchi evari emi matladtunnaru ani prati daggara chustham
9. You have a problem deciding what you want to wear for any small or big occasions.
10. Break ups are really hard to face since we get attached to someone after a hell lot of thinking.

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