10 things about the Fida lady, Sai Pallavi


Prati Sekhar Kamula movie is so lovely and touching with the main reason being the story and the characters he picks. especially heroines are worked on so well that they are so naturally shown. Present ga unna film, Fida lo ni Sai Pallavi is one such exmaple for her charm. After the movie, we all are going ga-ga about her and thus here are a few things that we want to know about the Fida Lady.

1. Sai Pallavi is from Kotagiri but is brought up in Coimbatore.1 Kotagiri

2. The fida actress isn’t just Sai Pallavi, but is Dr. Sai Pallavi. She has just graduated from her university in Georgia and is a doctor now.2 university in Georgia

3. She isn’t a trained dancer but has learnt it by watching Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit’s videos.3 Madhuri Dixit

4. She used to practice to make rangolis with flowers as she loved the festival Onam but couldn’t celebrate it since she isn’t from Kerala.4 sai pallavi Onam

5. Her biggest aim in life to be a cardiologist.5 sai pallavi biggest aim in life of cardiologist

6. She debuted alongside Kangana Ranaut in a tamil film, Dhaam Dhoom.6 Sai Pallavi made her screen debut alongside Kangana Ranaut

7. Before any of this, she got her fame with her dance performance in Dhee 4.


8. Director Alphonse Puthren spotted her in an advertisement and immediately movie lo ki teeskundam ane decision teeskunnaru.8 Director Alphonse Puthren

9. Oka interview lo she said that she has always been nervous about her looks and thana skin tone ki she was never confident. But her director gave her confidence.9. sai pallavi interview

10. When Alphonse Puthren contacted her through her phone, oka stalker oorike call chestunnadu anukoni ignore cheshndi. Later she understood that director thana film cast kosam reach autunnadu ani.10 sai pallavi