10 Things every fitness freak will understand


Okkokkariki okkakka life style ishtam untadi. Some people like keeping things healthy. Physical exercise and fitness ante pichi untadi. Alanti vaallu will relate to these things…

1. Night entha late aina kuda morning workout session miss ayye chance eh ledu.fitness2. No matter where we are, aakali ainapudu pizzas and other such food ki manam vellamu, we only stick to healthy foods.fitness3. Bore kottinapudu, jogging oo lekapothe terrace meeda velli edaina workout cheyyadam is very common.fitness4. Long trip ki vellthe mana bags lo gym clothes, shoes and all untay pakka!fitness5. Gym skip aithe manam day motham mood out lo untam.fitness6. Food sambandinchi edi konna kuda we look at the nutrient chart firstfitness7. Eppudaina junk tinte matram, tinnaka edo jarigipoinattu feel autham.fitness8. We always try to inspire our friends to do gymming everyday.fitness9. Gym and headphones is your favourite combination.fitness10. Mana main aim is not about losing weight. It is more about being fit. Ee mukka andarki ardham kaadu.fitness