10 Things every short girl experiences


Being short has its own advantages and disadvantages. And disadvantages are often very funny that we relate to.

1. Calling someone to help us reach the top shelf on a cupboard is embarrassing and funny.1.-Calling-someone-to-help-us-reach
2. For a group photo with tall people, we are pushed to the front.2.-For-a-group-photo-with
3. We become hug dolls!3.-We-become-hug-dolls!
4. We have to wear heels to match upto people and their heights.4.-We-have-to-wear-heels
5. We always need stools in place at our houses. Edaina andakapothe, they come in need.5.-We-always-need-stools-in-place-at-our-houses.
6. We are always referred to as ‘cute’ entha hot ga kanipinchaniki try cheshna.6.-We-are-always-referred-to-as-‘cute’
7. Pelli topic osthe matram..we get mixed opinions. Kondaru say, pottiga undi pelli kashtam. Kondaru say, potti ga undi evvaraina dorkutaru! Duh!7.-Pelli-topic
8. Our jeans are either folded to our height or altered to match the length.8.-Our-jeans-are-either
9. People find our heads like a resting stool.9.-People-find-our-heads
10. In schools, height wise lo ninchi mante….we are thrown in the front.10.-In-schools,-height