10 Things every thin girl will understand


Thin girls aithe chaalu..ekkadiki vellina kuda we are made to get lectured. Thin aithe enti fat aithe enti..manalni kalisina ventane idokkate matladosthadi andarki. Here are a few annoying things they are tired of listening to.

1. “Asalu tintava nuvvu?” this is the most heard question. Inkosari evaraina adguthe kottesdham ana feelind untadi.1.-_Asalu-tintava-nuvvu
2. Mana parents ni adgutharu… chinnapati nunche ila unda ani.2.-Mana-parents-ni-adgutharu_
3. We are compared to things more than humans. Hanger laaga undi thanaki aa dress!!3.-We-are-compared
4. Our parents make sure we eat food that has a lot of fat content. We are thin…ala ani healthy tinakapothe, fat kaadu chastham.4.-Our-parents-make-sure-we-eat-food
5. Manam exercise chesthe, people look in wonder. Arey we also want to build strength and stamina. Did ardham cheskoru evvaru.5.-Manam-exercise-chesthe,
6. Manam ekkadki vellalanna, we sit on someone else to save place.6.-Manam-ekkadki-vellalanna,
7. Shopping ki elthe, manalni chushna ventane they handover the least possible size.7.-Shopping-ki-elthe,-manalni
8. When we eat good quantities of food andaru vintaga chustharu.8.-When-we-eat-good-quantities
9. Some people think we cannot carry all kinds of look since we lack curves!9.-Some-people-think
10. And some people ask in awe, “how can you remain so thin despite eating everything?”10.-And-some-people-ask-in-awe,