10 Things Girls Do When They Are Drunk


One should accept that drunk girls are different and it is fun to be with them. They are candid, loud and even cute sometimes. Here, we are sharing a list of things that girls do when they are drunk. Check it out.

1. They start telling people that they love them.1Mandu-paapalu
2. Tell your best friend that she’s your best friend… and how much you love her2Mandu-paapalu
3. Too much PDA with their partner3Mandu-paapalu
4. Too much dance. They remember all the 90’s dance steps and do them. 4Mandu-paapalu
5. They become very emotional. Happy to sad to angry to really sad to laughing to really sad again. So many feels.5Mandu-paapalu
6. Making strangers into friends in the washroom.6Mandu-paapalu
7. Drag up the past. They start remembering the things that happened long ago.7Mandu-paapalu
8. They deny that they are drunk and sometimes pukes a lot. 8Mandu-paapalu
9. They start talking to themselves. 9Mandu-paapalu
10. Upload weird selfies and status on social networking sites.10Mandu-paapalu