10 Things only maggi lovers will understand


Maggi is a big bunch of yummy and tasty delicacies in a small pack. It’s taste is irresistible. And that is the best thing we can cook…

Here are somethings we relate to if we truely love maggi.

1. Maggi ni Ela cook chesthe Ela taste untundo we know the most.1 maggi lovers
2. Maggi lo all kinds of variations we can make.2 maggi lovers
3. Maggi ban aithe we got into utter depression until nestle re launched maggi with benefits.3 maggi lovers
4. When our parents go out of station, they make sure there are lots of Maggi packets at home.4 maggi lovers
5. Midnight kuda aakali esthe, this is our best way out.5 maggi lovers
6. No other instant noodles can give us the feel of having maggi.6 maggi lovers
7. If we share maggi, consider how much we love you.7 maggi lovers
8. We love kicking off the remains in the masala packet! It shouldn’t be wasted.8 maggi lovers
9. The last bite of maggi feels like it should’ve never got over.9 maggi lovers
10. Hostels lo una vallaki maggi is the best food.10 maggi lovers