10 Things only people who hate iPhones will understand


iPhone, android, windows are three softwares in phones that constantly form debating topics amongst people. Okkokariki okkokkati ishtam and they have their reasons for it. Here are some things every iPhone haters will definitely agree to

1. iPhone lo photos transfer cheyyali ante… pedda process!1 iPhone
2. Bluetooth eh undadu. Annitiki apps kavali.2--iPhone
3. Kottha iPhone antaru kani mundu una iPhone ki kottha iPhone ki pedda difference undadu.3-iPhone
4. Difference endi kottha iPhone lo ante.. camera is improvised ani pedda professional photographer laaga cheptharu.4-iPhone
5. Few months ainaka charger break autundi…on the outside !5-iPhone
6. Okka ringtone kavali ante.. daaniki Malli Oka pedda process.6-iPhone
7. Poni default ringtones petkundam ante.. Oka 2-3 bauntay and public lo vellinapudu evadi phone ring autundo telidu. Andaru have the same ringtones.7-iphone
8. Apple maps ni nammukunte…ainatte!8.-Apple-maps
9. And ekadaina velthe, charger marchipothe and there is no iPhone user next to you. Phone is off till you go home.9-iphone
10. Student Loan laaga iPhone loan kid ivvali banks!10-iphone