10 Things People Who Ask A Lot Of Questions Will Relate To

Oka statement istha chalu, enduku ani ventane ochestharu. Ilanti people mana friends groups lo or mana colleagues lo or mana colleges lo pakka chustham. And if you are one, then this article ki pakka relate autharu.

1. Aakali ga unnapudu biryani tinte entha satisfaction osthado..manam adige question ki correct ga answer telisinapudu anthe happiness osthadiquestions

2. People think we need to visit a psychiatrist, but we are as normal as them. We just need answers for convincing ourselves.questions

3. Edaina festival osthe chaalu, we have a lot of questions to ask. And people get ready to escape.questions

4. And we all know that one elderly person who is ready to answer all our question relating history, mythology, traditions or cultures.questions

5. We also have that one friend who helps us think of questions and make fun.questions

6. If manam oka roju absent aina kuda, the lot misses us so much!questions

7. Manaki edaina complicated doubts or even simple doubts ochina kuda…self assumption kante Google Thalli ni prefer chestham.questions

8. Mana friends give us the funniest nicknames possible and we still ask questions like, “Aa peru enduku?”.questions

9. We either are highly intelligent or completely funny and foolish- ani chaala mandi ankuntaru.questions

10. We take more than the normal time to study a subject because we gotta search for everything with utter clarity!questions

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