10 Things that a girl always want to tell her man but doesn’t


If you’ve have or had a girlfriend or are married, then try reading this to understand some untold words.

1. To tell the magical 3 words, she always looks for you to take the initiative.1. Things that a girl
2. Not always she likes you paying the bills. She doesn’t want to be burden or feel like one. Give her a chance to be independent.2.Things that a girl
3. She loves it when you respect your mother a lot. Thanu cheppadu kani when you do it, she is the happiest.3.Things that a girl
4. She hates it when you disrespect another elderly person.4.Things that a girl
5. Sharing about each others’ likes and dislikes it really important kani… order cheyyadam is something she definitely hates.5.Things that a girl
6. She loves surprises!!!6.Things that a girl
7. She hates it when her profile is being stalked. Trust issues undakudadu!7.Things that a girl
8. She loves it when you wait for her for dinner if she is late by any chance.8.Things that a girl
9. She loves a leisure holiday once a while.9.Things that a girl
10. She loves when you cook for her. Baunna balekapoina, she loves when you do it for her.10.Things that a girl