10 Things that are too real for silent people


Manushullo chaala rakaalu untaru. We all have our own character streak. Some of them are very active while some of them are the quiet ones. No matter how you are; there are certain people who always have to say something about you and you definitely feel it in a different way.

1. We are the ones who do not talk much but we have a lot to tell people. We express it only when we find the ease to.silent person

2. Kondaru aunties keep telling..ila gammuna unte repu pellayaka ela?! Ilanti stuff vinte mandutadi manakusilent person

3. We do not talk much. We observe things enough!silent person

4. We usually never talk much but if we do it with anyone really close we talk like it is never ending.silent person

5. Chaala mandi thinks it is boring to be alone and quite. I would say there is a difference between being alone and lonely!silent person

6. We are never idle. We do not talk much but what is going on in our head is really entertaining.silent person

7. We are silent and hence we are good listeners!silent person

8. If oka abbayi silent unte..aadapilla laaga gammuna untav endi ra ani antaru. i still don’t get the connection there.8 - abbayi

9. We just do not talk much anthe kani siggu kadu adi..it is just another trait in a person.9 - nani

10. There are always those set of people who think you are awesome and so much fun to hangout with!!!!10 - shruthi

We’re typically quiet, but that doesn’t mean we lack confidence or leadership skills. In fact, studies show that quiet people are really good at managing people and are usually successful at achieving our goals. Tag all such awesome people and share the fun..