10 Things that can make you happy in the next 30 minutes


Depressed ga feel avvadamu chala normal. But who likes to feel low? Meeru sad ga unnappudu you yourself should make yourself happy. Here are 10 things you should definitely do to pull yourself out of a sad situation.
1.Take a walk outside:happyResearch cheptundhi, sunlight brain chemicals ni stimulate chestundhi which improve your mood. Extra booth kosamu poddhunne get some sunlight.
2.Drink some water and talk to yourself:happyTrust me, idhi nizanga help chesthadi. Analyze why you are sad. Calm yourself down inka water taagi start talking yourself about the problem.
3.Write it down:happyIf you are sad inka meeku evaritho maatlaadali ani ledhu ante, just take a book and pen down your feeling. Trust me, you’ll no longer be sad.
4.Reach Out:happyMee best friend ledha mee parents ki text ledha call ayina cheyandi. You don’t have to talk to them about your problem. People toh close bonds undadhamu is the key to happiness.
5.Act happy:happyChala saarli ‘fake it till you make it’ actually works. Meeru happy ga act chesi, good thoughts think cheste, you will attract happiness towards you. Research shows that even an artificially induced smile boosts your mood.
6.Treat yourself:happyMeeru sad ga unnapudu it’s the best time to spend money. Shopping ki ellandi ledhante eat your favourite food. This is an instant mood enhancer.
7.Drink a glass of milk:happyDairy products lo tryptophan, (an essential amino acid that helps create serotonin) the “happy” chemical in the brain. Milk, body ke kaaka mood ni kuda boost chestundhi.
8.Sleep:8 - sleepKonni saarli it is better to just sleep. Sleep mana anni problems ki best solution. After waking up meeku mee baadhalu emi gurthu undayi. A short nap for 30 minutes would do the trick.
9.Have a good cry:9 - cryMee emotions ki venta ne vent out cheyadamu chala important. Emotions ni lopala pettukunte avi peruguthane potayi. That is why it is very important to cry when you feel like it.
10.Look at yourself in the mirror and smile:10 - mirrorMeeru edustunnapudu mirror lo chusukoni just smile, laugh or make funny faces. In less then 10 secs meeru mee problems ni marchipoyi, you will start laughing.