10 Things That People Who Get Up Late Can Identify With..!!

By Ritika Chhabria
We all have had those mornings at least once in our lives, those mornings where we all look at the clock and scream…’Ah!! I’m late!!’There are some things that all we lazy people do, and we being uniquely us, never learn from it.

    1. Snoozing the alarm

giphy (19)If getting up early is our mission, the snooze button is the enemy. Every time we think of getting up early and set our alarm for a particular time, the tiny option with that snooze button tempts us to get just ‘five more minutes’ of sleep and before we know it, we’re late.

2. Trading favours

no 2Our morning starts with trading favours,” Mom, please iron my shirt!”,  “Dad! Please fill my water bottle for me!” is something you’re screaming while getting ready.

3. Warnings from parents

no 3If we are late, it’s a given that we will have to rush to make up for lost time, which means we will have to speed on our bikes or cars. This is why parents give us warnings before we leave that whatever happens, we can’t speed, “Beta, paanch minute late ho jaoge toh kuch nahi hoga, tum aaram se chalana”. Those five minutes in the mornings are really precious mom!

4. Chasing different means of transport

no. 4If by chance you have to use public transport or you miss your school/college/office bus, you will literally have to chase it through the lanes and by lanes of your area, trying to catch up with it. While this does make up for some amazing memories, ask the person dropping you to the stop how it feels like to rush around, apart from that adrenaline rush, it’s a lot of tension to carry on tiny shoulders!

5. Sibling wars

no 5If you have to share your room with your sibling and God forbid if both of you have to leave in a gap of around twenty minutes, they’ll yell at you to come out of the room or the bathroom and stop hogging all the space and time. And if you have to leave together and you’re late, the honking won’t stop, along with threats of leaving you and going ahead. Empty threats, but they irritate you nonetheless.

6. Realizing the value of time

coverYou definitely do realize the value of time, because you are literally counting the seconds and seeing the minutes ticking and you’re thinking, “Please God, please make It go slow”. And barter system is on “Please Bhagwaan! Aaj bacha do, Kal se pucca main time pe ready rahungi/rahunga!”

7. Curse your bad luck

no.7Why do you need to curse it? That’s because you find that all the signals you have to cross on the way are going to be red. And they will make you stop at every sign and will make you even late and then you start cursing your fate.

8. Running

no 8Running, or rather a lot of running is involved when you’re late. Running around your house, down the corridors, up the stairs, you’re just running everywhere to be on time. And if you’re a klutz like me, slipping down and falling will also be a regular thing. Nevertheless, it does make up for some exercise, doesn’t it?

9. Looking at the clock

no.9With each passing second you look at the clock and try to calculate if you’re going to be on time. Calculating how many minutes are left to catch up with the bus, calculating how much time is left for the class to start, how much time of travelling is gonna cost you, and constantly praying to be on time.

10. Making up excuses

no 10When your teacher or boss says you’re late, your mind instantly goes into the thinking mode. You’re trying to cook up some excuse, which will convince her and sound valid at the same time, so he/she will leave you. One thing I must mention, in those moments we become great storytellers!

11. Deciding to wake up early the next day

no 11Whatever happens on that day, the one thing that you will always think of is “I will most definitely get up early tomorrow. I will not let this repeat tomorrow”. But more times yes than no, we do end up getting late even the next day. But I say, let the hope sustain. I’m sure we’ll be up on time tomorrow.

There is one thing that goes through my mind when I’m late, songs. I keep singing songs like ‘Duniya Ka Naara’ from Taare Zameen Par or ‘Baar Baar Ha’ from Lagaan. But, there will come a day, I’m sure, that we will most definitely be on time. And it is that day that we would enter college/office with a wide smile on our faces and that look of pride for ourselves. Of course our friends will forever tease us for that, but that’s okay, we’ll manage I’m sure.

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