10 Things that people who have spectacles can relate to..!!


When you get up in the morning, while other people move their hands around their bed, looking for their phones; we are the ones who look for our spectacles. Somehow, we just feel incomplete without them, don’t we? These are just some things that we can relate to- let’s get at it, shall we?

People ask you if you are able to see without your specs

Okay, I agree that we might not be able to see things very clearly without our specs on, but we don’t become blind without them! We still can see stuff you know.

People need to try on your specs

1For no reason at all, people want to try on your specs. And obviously, you have to warn them about the effects of putting them on, they will also get specs. That won’t happen, but what’s wrong in having some fun.

Leaving fingerprints all over your specs

2When people try on your specs or you just give it to them to hold it, they’ll leave their fingerprints all over your specs without even bothering to wipe them off. They just don’t realize what problems we go through.

We are not nerds

3Just because we have glasses on doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have fun. We can be the most super fun and craziest people you will ever know.

When you wear lenses

4When you have a special occasion that you want to attend, you decide to wear lenses. When you enter that place, everyone tells you that you look different. When asked if it’s a good different or a bad different, they just look at you with a quizzical expression and say’ I don’t know’.

Driving in the rain
6When you have to drive in the rain with your specs on, nothing is clear, at all. If you think of wiping your specs, you realize everything you have on is wet. Basically you have a tough time then.

Protector mode on

7 When you see dust or any other particles going in somebody else’s eyes, it’s time to feel victorious because that can’t happen with you. You have your specs as a protective shield on your eyes which will help ward off dust and other minute particles.

Morning panic

8 Until we put our glasses on in the morning (which is pretty much the first thing we do), everything is a blur. It’s only when we put on our glasses that all’s clear.

Tan marks and dark circles

9 When we get a tan which is on the entire face, everything except the part that’s near the eyes, under the frame is not tanned. Also the dark circles that we get because of wearing specs is not something that we like.

The eternal struggle

10When we need to wear 3-D glasses or sunglasses, we have the worst time. Trying and adjusting the 3-D glasses over the spectacles is a pain. Also we can’t ever but sunglasses or any other glasses apart from the ones we wear.

All in all, I think a time comes when we and everybody around us get used to our specs.it just becomes a part of our identity, something we are remembered by. Also you know what they say right, Specs is the new cool!