10 Things we will relate to if our older sister is getting married


Mana sister ki pelli kudirthe, we have a lot of emotions rushing in our heads. Avi chaala mixed untay. You are extremely happy and sad at the same time. Here are those small things that we go through and relate to if our sister is getting married.

1. Finally room sharing undadu. We have the entire room and wardrobes for ourselves.1. Finally room sharing undadu

2. But we are so sad she is going to leave us.2.But we are so sad

3. Manaki una oke okka bestie ni everyday kalvamu and sad ga anpisthadi.3. Manaki una oke okka

4. It is so thrilling to know that she is going to be married to a great guy.4. It is so thrilling

5. We finally have another person who is going to treat me like a younger sister.5. We finally have another

6. You will have lots of shopping and manam tappa sister ki evvaru select cheyyodhu.6 You will have lots of

7. We keep helping her giving gifts to the new family.7. We keep helping her giving

8. And manaki kottha family osthadi ani we are so excited.7. We keep helping her

9. Pelli roju anni feelings kante ekva tension untadi. We keep listening to “You are next.”9. Pelli roju anni feelings

10. After all the pelli sandadi, you feel so lonely that you call her up to meet her the very next day.10. After all the pelli sandadi