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10 things you can do instead of buying an iPhone X


iPhone X is now taking over everyone’s heads after the magnanimous launch. Daani features have been extended and improved certainly kani entha improve cheshna kuda oka lakh rupees petti aa phone konadam is not everyone’s cup of tea. So alanti vaallaki satisfactory note tho there are much more things to do with the same amount of money that you will spend to buy an iPhone.

1. 365 plates of Paradise Chicken Biryani. Ante, oka 1 whole year manam Paradise Biryani tintu happy ga undocchu. Aa 1 year lo aa phone konte enni sarlu repair cheyinchalsostundooo…

2. 680 movie tickets konocchu. You can watch so many movies. Multiple times chudu, okkate saari chudu. Ela aina chudu. You can also buy the entire theatre and watch the movie all alone.

3. When you are able to buy so many tickets, you won’t be able to find a better way surprising your partner!!!

4. You can have 29,142 Osmania biscuits from Niloufer Café! Stop counting, start eating.

5. You can buy 10,200 Alu Samosas from Rio Café, S.D.Road. Ante, avi tinocchu and ammochu kuda. So you are basically making more money too.

6. You can buy 345 pints of beers (approx ga, anni raakapothe tittukokandi. Oka 1 or two takkuva aithe adjust avvandi).

7. You can buy 10 Oppo A37 (16 GB) phones.

8. You can go to Goa oka 15 times. Goa ki povadam Kante ekkuva na ee phone manaku?

9. You can go on a family holiday to Singapore (3 members ki correct 1 lakh authadi. So take your parents or your husband/wife).

10. You can book 29 tickets for Vidya Vox’s concert in Hyderabad this November. Ee tickets anni high-class tickets eh. So aa tickets ni ammukunna ekkuva paisal osthay.

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