10 Things you can relate to if you are over enthusiastic person


Okkokkaru okkokka rakam untaru. Some like being calm and some active. Kondarki parties cheyyadam ishtam kondarki intlo undatam. All rakarakalu untaru. One of such types is being an over enthusiastic person. Veellu are the grandfathers of an active person. Vaalla activeness tho champestharu. So ilanti vaallaki ee article ankitham.

1. Friends or vaalla friends or vaalla friends vaala friends or evaraina kuda parledu..ilantollu easy ga enjoy chestharu coz of their enthusiasm.1-friends-or-vaalla-friends
2. Matter motham vinaka munde…reactions ichestharu.2-matter-motham-vinaka-munde_reactions-ichestharu
3. These kinds of people ni entertain cheyyadaniki pedda tippalu not needed. We just got to do anything simple and vaalla excitement ki it is more than entertaining.3-entertain-cheyyadaniki-pedda
4. China pillani navvipiyyadam and vaallatho aadukovadam is very easy for these people.4-china-pillani-navvipiyyadam
5. No matter who wins what, these people are the first to arrange a party!5-no-matter-who-wins
6. There are many people who mistake you for getting drunk while it is your natural attitude and behavior.6-ms-naryana
7. Ilanti vaallu okkaroju rakapoina kuda mana group motham dull aipothadi.7-ilanti-vaallu-okkaroju
8. These people make friends very easily.8-these-people-make-friends
9. Okka minute ana silent unte..people keep asking if we are sick or if anything is wrong.9-okka-minute
10. If these people find anyone else just like them, racha rache!10-if-these-people