10 Things You Will Understand Only If You Are A Tomboy!

Girls ante cuteness, sweetness and all common eh. Kani there are a few girls, vaallaki pink ishtam undadu, they like dressing up like boys, they don’t dress their hair as much and many more. Tomboys anmaata. Ilanti vaallaki matrame konni ardham authay.

1. It is so comfortable for us to be in western boy clothing. A comfortable pair of jeans, men’s shirt and some sneakers. There you go!Tomboy2. You sometimes love short hair. Long hair kuda ishtam untadi for a few. Kani we try dressing our hair very easily and a little rough. Daani meeda ekva time spend cheyyadam ishtam undadu.Tomboy3. You hate wearing heels. Heels eskoni daani prakaram catwalk cheyyadam and all is not our forte!Tomboy4. You never preferred playing with Barbie dolls and all that.Tomboy5. Make up ante…manaki set kadu kada!Tomboy6. Adventures cheyyadam ante ishtam. And daaniki we would do anything.Tomboy7. Your friends’ dream is to see you with your boyfriend or your wedding! They always laugh off with this small thought.Tomboy8. You have an automatic friend zoned boys.Tomboy9. Special occasions ki traditional ga dress avvadam was a big pain. And ala dress ainaka mana friends and cousins iche reactions were inka big pain.Tomboy10. You are the protector and the boyfriend of everyone in your group. So proudly, yes!!!Tomboy

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