10 “Thuu Deenamma Jeevitam” Moments In Our Lives


Movies ni chusi chaala inspire aitunnam especially with the punch dialogues and one-liners. Khaleja lo Mahesh babu ‘Tu Deenamma Jeevitham’ ani super untadu and we have started relating it and using it in our daily lives. Here are a few moments that we feel the same.

1. Book my show lo mana favorite hero tickets book chesetappudu it shows available and when we click it, tickets not available ani chupisthadi.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

2. When our heads are full of shampoo and water raavadam aagipothadi!Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

3. Exam kosam eppudu lenidhi baaga chadvinapudu question paper chudagaane we realize it has everything that we missed to study.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

4. Epudo pettina chit…avasaram leni time lo invigilator ki dorkinapudu.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam


5. Oka ammayi kosam oka manchi message raastham and then reply lo, “Who are you” ani vachinapudu.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

6. Movie lo super suspense unapudu item song ochinapudu.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

7. TV lo eh channel raadu due to some problem except a channel which is playing Rachabanda.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

8. Online lo oka laaga untadi and real ga inko laaga untadi manam order cheskunna dress!Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

9. Copy kottina kuda pass kakapothey chiraku dobbutadi.Tu Deenamma Jeevitam

10. Baaga aakali ga unapudu we have a small cake piece in our hands and adi tine lopala kinda padipothey.10 - cake