10 Times Pawan Kalyan Inspired With His Songs


Do songs speak?? Yeah they do!

Every song has lot of meaning in it until we listen to the lyrics carefully. Don’t you think that Pawan Kalyan’s songs in one way energize his audience, especially his fans. If you listen to his songs, many of them define him. He does carry some emotion which is not just for the camera in front of him, but that which comes from some where within him.

Here are some of those inspiring lines from those songs which do have some depth in them. Take a closer look!! 2 - Thammudu

3 - Khusi

1 - jalsa


4 - Gudumba Shankar

7 - Gudumba Shankar


6 - Jalsa

8 - Jhonny

9 - kommara Puli

10 - Camera Man Ganga Tho Rambabu

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