10 Instances Where World’s Biggest Corporations Managed To Fool Us..!!

By Apeksha Tickoo

April Fools’ is here and as always, everyone has their own pranks waiting to be played on friends and family. This is the day when everyone is extra attentive to avoid being a victim to the pranksters.

All have their own tricks and games which they think are the best but not many know that it is not just us who indulge in this day’s fun.

From Google to BBC, Starbucks to Twitter, all the companies you swear by did not spare their users and consumers from getting tricked on this All Fools’ Day which helps maintain excitement throughout the year.

Here are 10 instances when these big shot companies played April fools’ and trust us, they slayed it completely!

BBC is known for the credibility and solemnity of its news but it does not lag behind when it is time to catch up with some fun. In the year 1957 on April Fools’ it broadcast-ed the news of spaghetti plants being cultivated by Swiss farmers and also showed a footage of farmers pulling strands of spaghetti down from trees. Large no.of its viewers were fooled and probably drowned themselves in spaghetti to avoid being a laughing stock. Well played BBC!

Treat yourself with this video of ‘Spaghetti Crops’ featured by BBC, 1957.

People flying to Los Angeles were bewildered to see a long yellow banner reading ‘Welcome to Chicago’ while the flight was landing. Every passenger on the plane was puzzled and had no clue as to why were they being landed in the wrong city. The confusion got cleared only when the people got to know how intricately the airport authority of Los Angeles had planned this April Fool’ by creating a  85 foot long yellow banner  on the ground that spelled out, in 20-foot-high red letters, “Welcome to Chicago.” What can we say! The joy of fooling! (Flying I mean). Here is a picture of the banner!


A new line of smart beverages called ‘Google Gulp’ was announced. This drink that was claimed to be available in 4 flavors was designed to maximize one’s surfing efficiency by making one more intelligent, and less thirsty.” The most important part is yet to come. It was a limited release beverage and only “available” if you returned a Gulp bottle cap to your local grocery store. Big Deal! One could use the cap of an old gulp drink to purchase a new bottle. (But where to purchase the old gulp drink from?)

Just click on this site link and thank god that you did not fall into the clutches of this “gulp”. Also, do not forget to visit the FAQs on the same site for more fun!



Twitter announced  a fake 2 tier system. One, TWTTR where vowels could not be used and other one which came at a price of $5 a month where one could use any and every letter.  TWTTR  however,  was as true as the vowels in it.


OLA-AIR (2015)
This prank was aimed for the clientele in India and began in the morning when Ola sent out a tweet announcing the release of OlaAir that is a helicopter cab service. Though some believed this in the beginning, others played along joining in on the joke.

The video featuring OlaAir is as funny as the prank. Click on this link already!

Now that you’re aware of their plans and strategies, we hope you don’t fall for their tricks this time!

And Yeah There Are Only 5 of Them, Happy 1/04/16

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