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10 Trivia That Doubled The Hype For Radhe Shyam Before Release

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Radhe Shyam Is All Set To Release On March 11th. PAN-Baahubali, Saaho tho Pan-India, PAN-World image and stardom occhina taruvatha Prabhas chestunna movie and that too almost 3 years taruvatha Prabhas movie theatrical release ki ready avtundi. Ee movie teasers, trailers and promos already idi epic love story avvabotundi ane hint ni icchesayi. Ila Radhe Shyam is the much awaited Indian Movie we all are waiting for…

Kani ivi matrame kadu Radhe Shyam movie gurinchi Radhe Shyam makers, Prabhas, Pooja Hegde Radhe Shyam promotions lo cheppina some interesting details ee movie meedha expectations ni inka chala penchesayi and the Hype Is Real for our hero.

1. 20 Mins of Ship Sequence Is Going To Be Epic & Gives Cinematic Experience Like Never Before

2. Climax Is Out Of Imagination – One Person Changes Something that is Beyond His Power

3. As Pandemic Halts Shoot, Radhe Shyam Team Erected 117 Sets & brought Streets of Europe & Italy to Hyderabad

4. Being a food Lover, Prabhas was on a strict liquid (Juice) Diet For 4-5 Months To Look Lean In The Movie

5. Prabhas suggested vintage Europe instead of Vintage India

6. Radhe Shyam Falls Under Love-Thriller Genre As it Deals With Story Of Love, Faith, Science, & Destiny With Some Thrilling Elements

7. Pooja Hegde Broke Into Tears During Shoot & Shed Tears Without Using any Glycerine

8. For a 6-10 seconds Scene, The movie team hired 40 Vintage cars and shot them in Italy. It took 5-6 hours just to set up the cars on the Bridge.

9. Radhe Shyam is releasing in a record 3000+ screens in the USA. The biggest ever release for any Indian film in the USA market to date.

10. With 10,000+ Worldwide Screen Count Radhe Shyam Is The Biggest Release Ever In Indian Cinema History

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