10 Types of Boyfriends


Yes, there are different kinds of boyfriends in this world, where we live in. We agree that no one is perfect in this world. But there are few types of boyfriends whom we have or see in our friend’s circle. Though we couldn’t cover all of them, we tried to explain a few. Check out:

1. Possessive One1-possessive-oneWell, everyone is possessive in a relation, but boys belong to this category are a bit more possessive about his girl. They don’t like your male friends and at the same time couldn’t take it, if you talk to anyone, whom he don’t know.

2. Practical One2.-Practical-OneWell, most of this kind of boys aged between 29 to 35 years old. Yes, they will have logic for each and everything. They don’t let their emotions rule brain. But they are very mature and understanding.

3. Funny One3.-Funny-OneTime will move very fast if you are with them. They never make you feel bored. Always tries to make you laugh and at the same time, they deal critical situations with great ease.

4. Attention Seeking One4.-Attention-Seeking-OneEveryone in your friend’s circle knew about him. He is the one who seeks everyone attention and does things, which sometimes make you feel awkward.

5. Romantic OneRomantic-OneHe always has romantic ideas on his tips. He will be at your doorsteps with an ice cream if you are on your periods.

6. Unpredictable One6.-Unpredictable-OneTrust me, life with him is amazing and adventurous. You won’t feel bored when he is with you. His actions are beyond your imagination.

7. Unavailable One7-Unavailable-OneThis kind is very rare. He won’t be available for you all the time. He only decides when to call and when to meet. Very irritating you know!

8. Immature One8.-Immature-OneWell, he doesn’t know what to take seriously and what not. This kind of boyfriends doesn’t even know the meaning of humor and sarcasm.

9. Lazy One9.-Lazy-OneHe is lazier than us. Sometimes, we feel like he is giving competition to us in laziness. But it is fun at the same time boring to spend time with them.

10. Sensitive One10.-Sensitive-OneHe is the first one who cries when we watch a family drama. So sensitive but at the same time the most caring and loving one.

So, which one is yours girls?