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10 Types Of Maggie That You Can Easily Make At Home!


Over years, Maggie has been our favourite food. Serve it to us during any time of the day and for any meal and we will gladly oblige. Maggie is also that one best friend that everyone needs. It is around us whenever we needed food instantly; for lunch, evening snacks, or mid-night munchies, the first thing that we’d reach out for is a packet of Maggie.
And, if you wish to experiment something new with Maggie, then here are 10 types of Maggies that you can easily make at home.

1.Masala Maggie

Masala Maggie is just an updated version of your regular Maggie. This is the simplest recipe of the lot and all you have to do is add extra sachet of Maggie masala to make your Maggie extra spicy.

2.Cheese Maggie

Gooey, cheesy and loaded with more cheese, this is that one version of Maggie that we can never say no to. Once you finish cooking your Maggie, add lots of grated cheese or add cheese slices, cover it for two minutes and let it sit. Once you take your lid off, you can see that your cheese has beautifully melted into the Maggie.

3.Tandoori Maggie

Tandoori Maggie can be quite tricky as you need to prepare a sauce for it. But, it can also be made provided, you have the ingredients. All you need are garlic, ginger, coriander leaves, salt, red chilly powder, garam masala. Grind these ingredients to a fine paste and mix it well with curd. Add this to Maggie while cooking and your Tandoori Maggie is ready!

4.Burnt Garlic Maggie

You must have heard of Burnt Garlic Noodles, but have you ever tried Burnt Garlic Maggie? All you need for this recipe is lots and lots of Garlic. In a pan, take some butter and fry garlic. Once your garlic turns nice and brown, transfer it to a bowl and fry onions, green chillies and cook your Maggie. Your final step is to add your burnt garlic as a garnish.

5.Egg Maggie

Egg Maggie is perhaps one of the most famous variants of Maggie. Fry your eggs with onions, green chillies, coriander leaves and some spices. Then cook your Maggie with the eggs and your delicious bowl of Egg Maggie is ready to be devoured.

6.Tomato Maggie

If you like tangy and spicy food, then you must try Tomato Maggie. For this type of Maggie, you need to pan-fry Tomatoes and then make a puree of it. Add this puree while cooking your Maggie and you have your tangy Tomato Maggie ready.

7.Vegetable Maggie

Vegetable Maggie is loved by everyone. And why not? Your favourite Maggie combined with your favourite vegetables, there is nothing better than this variant of Maggie right? Fry your favourite vegetable like bell peppers, mushrooms or green peas and cook your Maggie with the vegetables.

8.Chicken Maggie

Chicken goes with everything right? And what better than combining it with Maggie? Cut your chicken into small cubes and fry it with salt, red chilly powder and some spices. When you chicken is deep-fried cook it with Maggie. Or you can cook Maggie separately and add Chicken before removing it from the stove.

9.Corn Butter Maggie

Another great way to cook your Maggie is to add some butter and corn to it. Fry your corn with some butter and then cook it with your Maggie. And, before you finish off your Maggie, add some more butter.

10.Fried Maggi

Fried Maggi is a special kind of Maggie. In this type, you do not cook your Maggie. Instead, you boil your Maggie first and keep it aside. Then fry it with vegetables, eggs or chicken. You can also add soy sauce and chilli sauce to this recipe.

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