10 Types of Music listeners we come across at least once in our life


Music ante 99.9999% vaallaki ishtam. Music can be of many types. It could be instrumental or songs or EDM or anything; music in general is many people’s favorite. So ilanti music lovers and listeners lo manam chaala types chusi untam. So here is a hysterical collection of such music listeners.

1. Edi pedithe adi vine rakammusicMusic ante chaala ishtam kani particular choice ani emi undadu. Pakkana vaallu edi pedithe they are happy to listen to it. Alone unte they start playing their playlist and just listen to it as it goes on.

2. Pichekkinche rakammusicMusic ante pichi, pranam and etc., music kosam champestham and chachipotham. 1-moment gap dorkina kuda they play some random song. Situation ento kuda sambandam lekunda paatalu vinali.

3. The no headphone music listenermusicManam ontariga una or crowd madhyalo una .. headphones anevi mana dictionary lo undadu. We put music on loudspeaker and listen to it chaala deep ga.

4. The convenience listenermusicRadio unte chaalu..andulo ochina anni patalu vinestharu.

5. Choosy listenermusicVaallaki mind lo oka songs untadi. Aa paata tappa inka eh paata pettina kuda racha rache! Vaallaki chaaala few songs nachuthay and avi pettalsinde!

6. The paade and vine rakammusicThese people love listening to music and also love the combination of singing and listening even better! Manam eh paata pettina kuda, full song padestharu. Entha sepaina kuda paadatam aaparu.

7. The dancing music listenermusicThey love to enjoy clubs, discos, music carnivals, or such live shows!

8. High with music rakammusicVeellu alcohol tho high avvaru. Music pedithe automatic ga high aipotharu.

9. Bathroom music listeners9 - allu arjunBathroom lo unapudu they find music the most interesting thing that can happen in the background.

10. Music is life rakam10 - venkkyThey eat music, sleep music and drink music. Health problem una kuda they just need music to cure them!

Not just these, there are many many types. All this was an attempt of fun. Tag your friends and share the fun. Do comment and let us know more types of listeners that you know!