10 Types Of People In Every WhatsApp Group While Planning A New Year Party

ABC: New Year 2020 Plans ?

DEF: Person changes group name in WhatsApp

GHI: Eyyyy…Where? When? Ekkada? Eppudu? Nenu Ready (most excited feel aiyye babu in group)

XYZ: Chel Tengey…..(that not interested and frustrated guy in every in gang )

Idi New year vastundi ante chalu common ga prathi whatsapp group lo jarige racha. So andhuke whatsapp groups lo jarige racha ee new year some crazy conversations and racchas ela untayo anedi kindhaki scroll chesi chuseyandi…mee group lo jarige New Year Conversations tho relate chesukondi…!

1. Yes Raa…Plan Cheddam Racha Cheddam – The Excited Batch

New Year Plans2. Indulo Prices Reasonable – Always Interested & Info Icche Batch

8 New Year3. Aa Bongu Le – Not Interested Batch

5 New Year4. I Already Have My Plans – The Show off Batch

New Year Plans5. Ekkada? Entha? Mandu Untadha ? – The Enquiry Batch

11 New Year6. Maa Pilla Tho – Committed Batch

10 New Year7. Sorry I Can’t – The Family Batch

New Year Plans8. Enduku ra manaku avasarama ? – The Frank Batch

9 New Year9. Nenu Ranu Tengey Batch

New Year Plans10. How About New Year in Goa – The Legends Batch


6 New Year
Missed Any Other Crazy People and their conversation on New Year, if so please do comment and share your WhatsApp chat Screenshots with us…!


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