10 Types of travelling people we see!


Stress break cheyaniki or just to take time out with our loved ones or to be able to complete our checklists. Whatever be the reason, we all love travelling. Okkokariki okkokka meaning untadi travelling ante.. Here are a few kinds of travelers we generally come across in any trip.

1. There are people whose bags are filled with cameras and its lens. They love clicking anything and everything. Photography ante pichi untadi and ala ekkadaki velthe akada pictures teesthu ne untaru.1travellar
2. The lavish traveler. These people want to spend a lot and have the most luxurious trip. It is nice kani problem enti ante, for a lot of time they have to wait to travel again.2travellar
3. The photo traveler. They travel only to get clicked.3travellar
4. The social media madness traveler. Vellaki travel cheyyadam ante facebook and instagram lo pictures pettadam.4travellar
5. The piligrimage traveler. They make plans only to piligrimages.5travellar
6. The solo traveler.6travellar
7. The family traveler. Ekkadiki vellina kuda…they come in groups of 20s or 30s.7travellar
8. The foodie traveler. Edaina place ki plan chesthe, they know all the famous food joints akkada.8travellar
9. The researcher. They know everything and anything about the place.9travellar
10. The lazy traveler. They are so lazy that they tend to miss a lot of things.10travellar