10 Weird Things That Naughty People Do In The Washroom

The only place we feel wonderful ambience we experience at washrooms. That’s a private place where you get different vibes. You guys can explore yourselves at washrooms or bathrooms.

The washroom is for a specific purpose but it is all your place. As nobody will object to you, it is honestly a private space. The real you will be out there, You can do whatever you want without hesitation.

Must thing-Smart phone

Naughty People Do In The Washroom

The smartphone is the most important thing to take inside a bathroom. They might forget towel but they will never forget a smartphone.
Few busy bees will not have enough time to spend pleasantly in a washroom. In fact, they chat and text, check out social media apps, reply to emails and do other professional activities too.

Being childish

Naughty People Do In The Washroom

Until mom screams …come soon ..Time is up they won’t realize. They do childish acts like playing with foam, water and forget the main reason for what they have come to the washroom. They do naughty things too.


Naughty People Do In The Washroom
Literally, this is the peaceful place for these guys to think. Some go and forget time while thinking deeply.

Reading newspaper

Naughty People Do In The Washroom
Few people won’t go to the toilet unless they have a newspaper with them. The newspaper is a must for them.

Music addiction

Naughty People Do In The Washroom

Music lovers can’t do any work without music. Their favourite playlists will be on always. On other side bathroom, singers unleash their singing talent. One need not bother about lyrics and tunes and enjoy singing themselves.


Naughty People Do In The Washroom
Drawing is a good hobby but drawing cartoons and funny images on bathroom walls are very often we see in colleges and school washrooms.

Mirror Lover

Naughty People Do In The Washroom

Mirror is their best friend because you can talk to yourself, find your expressions. And few will be busy counting their pimples, locating dark circles, checking out their curves and structure.

Photo session

Naughty People Do In The Washroom

They never miss clicking a photo in the mirror. Photo sessions are common when we see kids, babies playing in a washroom.


Naughty People Do In The Washroom
Stress relieving place.. if anyone is in frustration they can express any kind of emotions in a washroom. You can take anger by beating walls. Some doesn’t like crying publicly. Several people cry inside as they cannot share their feelings. When GF/BF calls Time never ends while chatting with your favourite person. When your GF/ BF calls or texts no need to worry that someone is peeping at you. You can happily talk to them.

There are lot more things we find people doing inside washrooms. Share your experiences in comments below..

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