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11 Benefits of Cumin (Jilakara or Jeera)


Whatever be the dish we are making, mana food history and habits prakaram we first add some jeera before cooking any further. Chaala curries lo we make sure to add jeera powder. Water lo mix chesi or buttermilk lo mix chesi kuda teeskuntam. Inni forms lo taste ni provide chese jilakara is very healthy. Here is how…

1. They are high in antioxidants that protect us from falling sick.
2. Deeniki cancer cells ni destroy chese power kuda untadi.
3. Chaala medical professionals recommend using this simple thing to cure diarrhea.
4. Blood lo sugar levels ni control chestundi.
5. They help fight bacteria in our body.
6. Body lo cholesterol levels ni taggistundi.
7. Memory improve cheyyaniki help chestundi
8. Regulates digestion and Cures piles
9. Helps cure sleep problems
10. Contributes to the iron in our body.
11. Treats skin problems

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