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11 Chinese Dishes that are seen only in India


Though there is like crazy difference between the actual Chinese foods and the ones we eat in India, most of us are certainly fans for the Indian form of Chinese food. Indulo flavor is so different that this cuisine has become famous in many parts of the world. Manam eh hotel or bandi ki vellina kuda Chinese ante konni items particular ga tintam. But mana tine vaatillo chaala items are not at all found in China. Here are a few Chinese foods seen only in India.

1. Chilli Chicken or Chilli Paneer1 Chinese Dishes that are seen only in India
2. Honey Chilli Potatoes
3. Veg or Chicken Manchurian – Nelson Wang of China Garden who introduced Manchurian to Mumbai in 1975. He started playing around with quintessential Indian ingredients like garlic, ginger, chilli and just added a splash of soya sauce instead of garam masala – and voila. Now there are many variations made with paneer, gobi, mutton and fish. Kani this dish is no where seen in China!
4. Chowmein – Akkada it is portion of boiled noodles topped with onions or spring onions, scrambled eggs and soya sauce. Kani mana daggara it is pan fried noodles with dressings of our own.
5. Manchow soup – Vaallu eat boiled noodles in broths and we fry those noodles and eat as toppings to spicy and hot soups!
6. Spring rolls – This is definitely one super old Chinese dish in India kani it is not at all Chinese. China lo they make Cantonese dumplings for spring. We have transformed it entirely by using deep frying as the main technique and not boiling.
7. Szechwan dishes
8. Darsaan (A Sweet dish made by frying off flattened egg noodles and coating it with honey and sesame seeds)
9. Chop suey
10. How can we forget, the famous, Fried Rice
11. Hakka Noodles

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