11 Clever Tricks Food Advertisers Use To Fool Us

Advertising is a tricky business, you have to make sure that the item you are presenting looks appealing so that the customers are tempted to buy the product, but this can be difficult when you are dealing with food, it’s hard to make it look more appealing with the natural ingredients used in making it, in this article, we find out the tricks and techniques used by advertisers to fool us


  1. Using Shaving cream instead of Whipped Cream

Untitled design (49)


2.Using soap for bubbles in beer

Untitled design (51)


3. Using antacids to make the soft drinks look fizzy

Untitled design (48)


4. Using Mashed Potatoes instead of Ice Cream

Untitled design (50)


5. Carefully dressing a burger with seeds

Untitled design (52)


6. Using Cardboard in Cakes

Untitled design (47)


7. Using lipstick to make strawberries redder

Untitled design (46)


8. Applying shoe polish on the chicken to make it look delicious


Untitled design (45)


9. Using engine oil instead of maple syrup

Untitled design (44)


10. Using Glue instead of milk

Untitled design (42)


11. Stuffing the chicken up with paper

Untitled design (43)

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