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11 make up tips this summer


Summer indicates a lot of heat and definitely is troublesome to get ready, dress up and go out. So when there is a party up this summer, you would not want to dress up bad but still try to make sure you are pretty in the look you carry.

Here are some make up tips this summer.

1. Let your brows be naturally shaped and naturally colored. Forget dark and black eye brows.1.-Let-your-brows-be-naturally-shaped
2. Do not go with tons of mascara. Let your lashes be lighter helping you look simple, elegant and gorgeous.
3. Bold lips are not for this season. Let your lips carry a simple light cherry red or any naturally pretty color.
4. Forget lots of foundation on your skin. Blend very little amounts of natural shades. Let your skin carry simple and light moisturizer to make it shine in light.
5. Do not use any heavy primer. For a big party you might attend, make sure you have a light weight primer.
6. Stay away from concealer. Your make up might break down.
7. And for your cheek, let it get dressed in a light layer of liquid blush which stay longer.
8. Use tinted moisturizers this season which help you feel light weighed.
9. Mix this moisturizer with little amount of foundation to lighten the shade and not give you a bold look. This tip helps your skin tone stay simple and pleasant for any kind of party.
10. Finish your look with a few spritzes of a makeup-setting spray.
11. And do not at all forget your sunscreen where every you go during the daytime.

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