11 Movies that made us go awe for the utter brilliance of the film makers


Tollywood has given us some awestruck films that we will admire throughout. The admiration of movies could be because of many reasons. There are many such movies that shook us off our seats with the twists and turns, right at the end. Here is a list of such movies that have outsmarted us with their climaxes.

1. Bahubali1-bahubali
2. Prasthanam2-prasthanam
3. Athadu3-athadu
4. Temper4-temper
5. 1 Nenokkadine5-nenokkadine
6. Mr. Nookayya6-mr-nookayya
7. Kshanam7-kshanam
8. Kumari 21F8-kumari-21f
9. Missamma9-missamma
10. Gentleman10-gentleman
11. Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada11-ekkadiki-pothavu-chinnavada