11 Struggles every person who cannot cook can understand!


Cooking is an art. Adi intlo amma chestu unte pattinchukomu kani, manam bayata velli cheskovalsosthe, value telusthadi. Recipes chusi cheshna raadhu. Videos chushna ardham kaavu. This is very confusing, you see. Manaki cooking ochina roommate unte no problem. Cooking chestharu and also help chestharu. Ade manam solo unte…we are gone, we are gone!

Here are the struggles every person who cannot cook understands.

1. It is not that we have never tried. Entha try cheshna results chaala bad untay.1. It is not that we have never tried.

2. Videos chusi chesdham ante..ingredients problem. Asafoetida antadu. Simple ga hing ani manaki chaala sepu tarvata ardham aithadi.2.-Videos-chusi-chesdham

3. Mana phone lo 3/4th bill mothers ki call cheyyaniki saripothadi.3.-Mana-phone-lo-34-th

4. You have that friend next door who you can rely on heavy ga.4.-You-have-that-friend-next-door

5. Most of the times hungry ga ne padukuntam.5.-Most-of-the-times

6. And we are tired trying to cook, we order food and oka point lo food order cheskovalante kuda aalochistham. Health ki manchidi kadu ani.6.-And-we-are-tired-trying-to-cook,

7. And girls ki aithe extra problems. Everything ends in a discussion about marriage.7.-And-girls-ki-aithe-extra-problems.

8. And sometimes when the dishes that we try come out good, aa roju andarki party istham.8.-And-sometimes-when-the-dishes

9. Maggi is your best friend.9.-Maggi

10. TV lo cooking programs chusthe…vaallaki Oscar ivvalanipisthadi.10 TV lo cooking programs chusthe…vaallaki..

11. Asalu ivanni kadu ani anipisthe, pizza order istham and adi manam cheshnattu feel aukuntu tintam.11.-Asalu-ivanni-kadu-ani-anipisthe,-pizza