11 Struggles every person with braces will understand!


Perfect teeth are the best birthday surprises given to us by god and braves are the worst gifts by doctors to us any day! They are a pain in our heads, mouths and everywhere throughout the duration of having them.

1. You never forget the reaction your friends gave when you first time had them on and showed them.1.-You-never-forget

2. Anything you eat is half fed to those braces and adi clean cheyyaniki pedda struggle2-Struggles-every-person

3. The process of measuring our teeth for the braces is itself yukkkkkkkkkk!3-teeth

4. And the saddest ever thing is a tooth removal and a braces putting. Tears continuously flowing!!!4.-saddest

5. And sometime later, as a part of the treatment, we are asked to put removable ones. Asalu entha disastrous thing oo adi. We remove them each time we have to eat something and talking also becomes hard aa time lo since our upper jaw gets covered.5.-And-sometime-later

6. Smiling for pictures is not our routine as long as we have those braces on.6.-Smiling

7. There is hell lot of pain for a few days after we have them on.7-hell-lot-of-pain

8. We get tempted for most of the solid food items during that period of time when we are not supposed to have them!!! It hurts yaaaa8-solid-food

9. And manatho paatu inkevaranna friends ki braces osthe…pandaga ante pandaga! We have company to cry!9-smiling

10. Getting them tightened makes us want to get the doctor prosecuted!!!!10--doctor-prosecuted!!!!

11. Constant cutting of your tongue happens when you run your tongue to clear the food that gets clogged.11.cutting-of-your-tongue

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