11 Telugu movies based on colleges, students and their lives!


College and school have given us some memories that we cannot wipe off. Movies lo kuda ee concept unte we relate to things so much. So here are a few ones we have jotted down that take in it college and students very much. Have a look at  Telugu movies based on colleges

  • Happy days

Engineering colleges and akada students ki this movie will give them goosebumps for how close it is to their lives!

  • Golconda High School

College kadu kani school lo students and vaalla attitude ni chaala baaga chuyincharu. School, lecturers and parents pette pressure ni kuda this movie focused on. Studies tho paatu extra curricular activities are very important for any child!

  • Sye

“Ma College”, “Ma Gang” and “Ma friends”. Ivvanni emotions tho paatu ego, love, friendship, fights and everything! This movie carried so much in one package.

  • Master

Chiranjeevi ni oka teacher and oka hero ga this movie won many hearts. Movie motham lo kakapoina there were many things that relate us to a college life.

  • Kerintha

Friendship has no boundaries. Once a friend, always a friend! Ee, two things ni college and campus life tho mix chesi a serene and beautiful movie ga chupincharu.

  • Love failure

People fall in and out of love; sometimes with the same person and sometimes with many other people too. College lo how friendship turns to love and how things change and how we get back to the person. Ila chaala undi movie lo. Many people must have co-related these things to their lives.

  • Kotha bangaaru lokam

Intermediate college lo pressure chaaala untadi about studies and not to talk to the opposite gender. Aa time lo oka person meeda kalige feeling is just attraction and not love. Parents and career ni kuda manam mind lo pettukovali. This movie carried this wonderful message throughout!

  • Pilla zamindar

Money anedi forever kaadu. It is just a temporary satisfaction. Luxury kante friendship eh important. This movie showed many such things using college life and students.

  • Student no.1

Manam school and college lo chese stupid pranks and friends tho spend chese amazing time ni okka song lo chaala baaga chuyincharu. Ade kakunda it is important to study no matter what kind of addankulu you face ane vishayam kuda baaga chuyincharu.

  • Shiva

Ee movie lo college fun and enjoyment kakunda godavalu chuyincharu. How there are gangs formed and how people take things to their hands and how lives are affected by all of this.

  • Kirrak Party