11 Things every mango lover will relate to


Summer ante hot sun and high temperatures gurthu raadu. Summer ante mangoes. We wait for this all year and summer aipogaane we look forward to the season next year!

Here are those things you will totally relate to if you are a mango fan.

1. We know mangoes lo enni varieties untayo and edi Ela taste autundo.1-mango

2. Our meal isn’t over without a mango fruit.2-mango

3. Aa smell chustu you go off to dreams of having the entire mango.3.-mango

4. Icecream ante … cream stone ki vellali and alphonso tinali.4.-cream stone

5. Mango pieces and vanilla icecream is our favourite home made summer dessert.5-mango-vanilla-ice-cream

6. Mangoes ni neat ga fork and all tho tinna kuda that feel raadu… old shirt eskoni hand tho happy ga tinali.6--mango

7. Mango pickle is the best that we can have all year!7.-Mango-pickle

8. Every time we see a mango, we get hungry!8.-Every-time

9. Mango juice and bajjilu is the world’s best combination.9.-Mango-juice-and-bajjilu

10. At the end of this season, we gain so much chubb and there is nothing guilty.10.-At-the-end-of-this-season

11. Our ammammas and relatives send us boxes of mangoes and we wait for them.11.-Our-ammammas

If you have any other memory with mangoes, share with us 🙂