11 things every strong couple will be strong in


Oka relationship ni healthy and longlasting ga unchalani ankunte..it is important for both of them to a lot of things with love and passion. You do not get anything in life with ease. Similarly, mana loved one manatho life long undali ankunte, koncham hardwork cheyyali. Ala cheshna vaallu definite ga kalisi untaru and they surely will relate to this article.

1. Honesty1-Honesty
2. Trust2.-Trust
3. Communication3.-Communication
4. Respect4.-Respect
5. Mood swings ni baaga ardham cheskuntaru5.-Mood-swings-ni
6. Spending quality time even if it not very frequent.6.-Spending-quality-time-even
7. Showing love in your own way.7.-Showing-love-in-your-own-way.
8. Appreciate each other when it is right to8.-Appreciate-each-other
9. Fight and finish off every argument then and there.9.-Fight-and-finish
10. You both never compare your partner with anyone else.10.-You-both-never-compare
11. Friendship between the two stays forever.11.-Friendship-between